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Text Chemistry ReviewWelcome to Our Text Chemistry Review by Amy North. All the knowledge is based on my personal review of the product and gets feedback from other users.

Please use note that the result may change depending on the special user. I think this article can support you to decide whether this product can benefit you or not.

You can apply all the knowledge here to make a clear plan of what to require from this program. Our Amy North Text Chemistry Review will teach you about each and every phase of this product.

Secret Text That Makes Men Obsessed

A text message has become much popular for men and women to interact with each other when flirting. It’s truly how deep a love connection is established.

Because, text messaging is a quite valuable, quick and reliable way to stay in touch. But if you fail to manage how you texting with your partner, it could dangerously kill your relationship.

Usual testing is not an assurance to develop a positive relationship. Well, texting is definitely a fast method to converse with your partner, but it’s not so convenient to share a deep thought and produce a deep connection without proper execution.

Text communication also easily misrepresented. This is because when we communicate, usually we rely much on nonverbal signs such as facial expression and body language.

And this is not occurring in texting, it’s could be an excellent chance that your joke may come across as an insult or attack to your partner. Especially at the initial stage of the relationship.

Most women find it difficult to make their men stay interested in them. This is when text chemistry will control you. There are many powerful ways to make your man commit to the relationship, and this program will guide you on how to perform that. These Amy North Text Chemistry Review will teach you how secret chats can obsess your partner.

What is Text Chemistry Program?

This program was designed perfectly by Amy North. It’s organized based on her own experience learned about couples and how they interact with each other in their relationship.

It’s an online program that guides women on how to apply a simple text message to make their men obsess over them.

Text Chemistry Review

Amy North is an expert relationship instructor and best-selling writer from Vancouver Canada. She trained in supporting women from around the world to find and keep the man from their aim.

She spent lots of years analyzing the nature of the relationship and this program is her final result.

Text chemistry acts like a magical text which is really great and it makes almost any man psychologically addicted to you. These text messages have been proved to work on even the most distant and cold man. They will start craving for you all day night long.

Basically, there are some major keys that make this program works. This program concentrates on attracting men’s full attention, so they remain thinking about you, what are you doing, what are you thinking and etc.

It teaches you how to apply men’s “psychological triggers” which is called Attention hook to help you to catch men’s attention.

This powerful attention hook will tap in straight to your man’s focus and make him think about you. As a result, it will create excitement and an extreme feeling of love, care and also a passion for you.

It also highlights the science confirmed step for love and attraction. You can view how those easy words can change your man’s mind and concentrate. The Text Chemistry Real Reviews will tell you what the program is about.

The Creator of Text Chemistry Program

Amy NorthAs an expert professional counselor and famous author, Amy North has developed a different skill set. Working her ability in both of these areas, she extensively studied the science behind relationships.

Her focus has been on dating and helping people to get fulfillment and happiness in their partner. A genuine Expert in her field, Amy has become recognized worldwide for her performance in supporting other’s healthy relationships.

Straight to her nature, she got all of her research and experience and boiled it down. The result is the Text Chemistry course. This excellent collection combines years of professional background with emotion for relationships.

The results are amazing, and her work shows itself. Amy’s personality and expertise clarify every sentence, matching a faith that any woman can experience the relationship of a lifetime. Our Amy North Text Chemistry Review will present you with knowledge about the author of this program.

Does Amy North Text Chemistry PDF Real And Work?

Many reviews and testimonials swear by the results of the Text Chemistry program. Real women, just Love You, are profiting from the guide Amy has supplied time and time again Every Single Day.

This universal plan has united women from all backgrounds and lifestyles with one easy result. More content and extra fulfilling relationships with their men.

No matter what your story, or what problem you are suffering, this guide has the ability to change your life. Literally forever.

Mobile Phone

The man that you have been demanding for could be just around the corner. Don’t let him get in his personal way, driving you both of the happiness you are meant to experience.

You can use this program to manage your man into a meaningful, committed relationship that will bring lots of happiness for years to come. The Text Chemistry Review will tell is it work or not?

Quick Summary of the Text Chemistry Program:

Text Chemistry is your leader in bearing and developing in this dating world that is overruled by text messages and social media.

It’s a big system that reveals you the secrets, tips, and steps to discovering love or at the remarkably least, your guide to not screwing up pleasant love because you sent a text message that you can’t get back.

Chemistry Program

To present you a greater idea of the kinds of things included throughout this entire system, here’s a sneak peek at some of the topics you’ll see in each section:


  • How Texting Has Increased the Way We Date
  • Women’s Texts vs. Men’s Texts
  • Contrasting Communication

Part 1: The Rules for Texting

Texting Mistakes

  • Essays and Over-Texting
  • Passive-Aggressive and Angry Texts
  • Expected and Boring Texting
  • Ambiguous or Disturbing Texts
  • Jealous and Inappropriate Texts

The Right Text Recipes: Sugar and Spice and Everything good

  • – Review and Revise
  • – Use Visual Language
  • – Leave Him Wanting More
  • – Excite Him
  • – Stay Position

The Right Text RecipesHow Long Should You Wait Before Texting Him

  • Sending the First Text
  • When He Texts You First

Emojis: Yay or Nay?

  • Use Emojis Sparingly
  • Hold Your Emojis Close
  • Choose your Emojis Carefully 

Part 2: What to Text Men to Interest and Win Them Over

  1. The Early Days: “Ready for Takeoff” Texts
  • Feeding His Engine Texts
  • Training for Blastoff Texts
  • Comical Texts
  • Crystal Ball Texts
  • Satellite Texts
  • Stir the Pot Texts
  1. The Dating Days: Requesting for the Stars Text
  • Game On Texts
  • Supernova Texts
  • Shining Star Texts
  • Tantalizing Texts
  • Constellation Texts
  • Mercy Texts
  1. The Long Run: Managing the Chemistry Ablaze Texts
  • Flight Texts
  • Radical Recognition Texts
  • E-Glow Texts
  • Big Bang Texts
  • Seduction Texts
  • Across the Universe Texts

Part 3: What to Text Him When….

  • When You Need Him to Start Texting
  • When He Needs Inappropriate Questions or for Nude Images
  • If He Sends You Unsolicited Nude Images
  • When He Sees Interested in Another Woman
  • When You Believe Like You’re Being Friend-Zoned
  • When He Takes a While to Answer
  • When He Ghosts You
  • When You See He’s Typing but It Quickly Stops
  • When You Want to Flirt in Text
  • When You Think He’s Upset with You
  • When You Think He’s Misinterpreting Your Texts
  • When He’s Had a Broken Day
  • When You Want Him to Comfort You
  • When HE Sends You Drunk Texts
  • When you Need to Invite Him out Without Sounding Clingy
  • When He Cancels Ideas on You
  • When You Have to Cut on Him
  • When He Provide You Nothing to Work With

13 Video Series

  • Intro
  • Women’s Speak
  • How to Exactly Work Jealousy
  • Visual Language
  • The Pros and Cons of Using Emojis
  • Part 2 Intro
  • Early Texting Success Stories
  • The Strength of Humor
  • Supernova Texts
  • Part 3 Intro
  • Real-Life Interaction
  • How to Cheer Up Your Man
  • Closing


#1: The Phone Game

#2: Why Men Leave

#3: Tinder Success Secrets


What Will You Learn From Text Chemistry Texts Examples?

With this program, you will see The Main Book and 13 Videos. You also will get three bonus e-books from Amy at no additional charge. These include:

  • Phone Game E-book
  • Why Men Leave E-book
  • Quality Men on Tinder E-book

As you read through guidebook, you will learn the basics of how to show guys text to you back quickly and consistently.

It’s simple and easy to learn. You don’t need to waste hours on the internet again to see the right solution. Our Amy North Text Chemistry Review will inform you of what you will see in this program.

All you need to do is sit back, have a cup of tea and send the messages. Here a little preview of what you’ll learn from the program:

1- Do men ignore your messages?

Learn how to run Amy North effective technique that will build your man text you back quickly and consistently. It can overcome your chances of feeling ignored or rejected again.

2- E-Glow text

Read how to hardwired your guy’s mind to love you and love you no matter what difficulty you will experience by sending a text message. Once you send them these E-Glow texts, his mind will always be thinking about you and just you.

3- Get your ex back

Your ex said it’s already over. But you still want him back. Use the “Satellite text” that can make him dislike the breakup. He will try for a second chance to be with you.

4- Your relationship has become dull and boring

Read how to satisfy his body with the kind of nervous emotion that he felt when he first observed you. There’s a bunch of practical information to ignite love into a dying relationship.

5- Make him passionate about you

Learn how to fill his mind with the thoughts of you all the time. This guidebook shares with you how to make your partner wish over your touch and hang on your every word.

6- Simple cheat sheet

Read the ability to check his text messages and figure out your man’s true feelings on what he truly means. As I stated before, text messages can instantly be misrepresented. This section will provide you excellent advice on how to handle the problem.

7- Getting him to propose

This guide is all about the subliminal messages that can make your partner wish into marriage, family and lifelong commitment. Take advantage of this part if you are trying to get your partner to propose ASAP.

8- Make him miss you

Read how to improve your text messages to make him feel an explosion of excitement and counting downs the times until he gets to understand you again. You’ll see the greatest secret here!

9- Taking the right picture

We always provide a photo to our partner right? And this is not about how to send your right image to your partner. Here you can learn how to send numerous stupid little images that can make him feel even more passion towards you.

10- Bang his head

As you go through this entire program, you will get out how to hit his mind with the text that won’t easily ignore. And he’ll begin making up a silly excuse just to view you as soon as he can!

11- How to speak to him on the phone

If you are feeling uncomfortable while speaking to a guy over the phone? If yes, then you definitely won’t miss this section.

12- Shooting for The Stars

See how to make his focus on you and only you. He’ll be blind to every other woman in his life. Because every minute he spends with you will be the happiest moment in his life.

The man that you waiting for maybe just about the turn. Don’t let him jump! You can use this program to manage your man into a happy, committed relationship that you always think. Here is the table of content that you have to review out first.

This program focusing on advanced society as we live now. So it’s not an old relationship program. Even if you are considering to date a man younger than you, this program still can reach that target.

5 General Texting Mistakes:

Have you ever surprised why your man’s mood instantly changes after reading your message?

Most girls don’t understand the accurate approach when it comes to texting, especially to the guy they are interested in.

Stated here are five texting mistakes that girls should avoid. Some of these mistakes are quite clear while others make cracks in the relationship. These mistakes are there for a number of reasons so do check out these mistakes.


When a girl is interested in a guy, then it is difficult for her to keep her feelings and though by herself. There’s no difficulty in doing this only if you understand the right way.

Most men don’t want to get exploded with questions. Men don’t love texting on the phone in their free time.

Although you may interact with your female friend in this process, you have to avoid it when it happens to men. Sending lots of questions will make you come across as needy which is why you have to ignore this mistake.


These are great examples of angry and passive-aggressive texts. You may send them too much. But from now, you need to avoid posting these to your man because these messages involve negativity and these bitter text will never support you in getting the man you want in your life.

It may be possible you are annoyed because your man has done or said something but acting aggressively will not do anything correct and also make your man tired.

Might be you know that No one man wants to criticized or shouted at by anyone, especially by the woman he is interested in. It doesn’t matter how extremely annoyed you are, you should avoid sending nasty and attacking messages.


If you texting too much and too often then the chances are high that you have made the habit of texting some dull or predictable texts.


There’s no mistake in applying these messages if you work them quite infrequently. But sending too much of these will replace the real person-to-person interaction which is not enough in developing the relationship.

Instead of sending these messages you should do a little bit more effort to create meaningful text.

Some extensive examples of predictable texts are “hey!,” “LOL,” “Classic,” “Haha.” There’s nothing wrong in using these but you ought to focus on your texting and do not send many of these predictable texts.


When you are texting a person, then make sure your text is important and not complex.

If you text or communicate with your man in a half-assed way, then it will give him the good impression that you are not into him which will angry and tease him.

I am pretty much sure you don’t want to read text that makes no sense. Moreover, your man also doesn’t want to be on the getting finish when it comes to a complex message.

loving couple


No one wants to get a message that met with jealousy. These jealousy texts describe how weak you are. Instead of answering them, your partner will feel complex and going to make a run.

Some great examples of jealousy texts are texts connected with his former relationships, his finances, his religious faiths and so on.

Most men don’t like sharing these things until they start trusting their women. But asking a few questions over text is a BIG NO, doesn’t matter how long you have been with your partner.

Amy North Text Chemistry Review – The Pros and Cons:

Let’s go through the pros and cons of this program.

The Pros of Text Chemistry Program:

Enhance your possibility of finding love

This guide can drastically enhance your chances to find your perfect partner. It’s simple to understand and straight to the point.

All modules and videos are super prepared and easily deliver important messages. It also handles most of the relationship/dating situations that you can connect with your own situation status.

loving couple

Apply their ways to rejuvenate your love life and produce real results.

Remove insecurities

As you go through this program, you will learn numerous on how to converse to your man in a way that he’ll listen to you, sit up and get a notification.

He will feel different around you, feel freer and more relaxed. For your side, you’ll not be watching ‘clingy’ or ‘needy’ to him. You also stop feeling jealous and your quick lack of insecurities will make him need to consume more time with you.

60 days Money Back Guarantee

Most of the program that I write a review will available with 60 days money-back guarantee. It gives you the confidence to experiment with the product.

Whenever you feel like the product not earning your money, you just need to email them and request a refund, no question asked!

The Cons of Text Chemistry Program:

This program is not for everyone.

This is based on my own view, some of the modules may not operate with you. It depends on what type of person are you.

Some of you may dislike the way and not agree with the writer. It’s completely your call. If you dislike the way, just continue with the other module.

It can be perceived as ‘toying’

Some of the techniques can be seen as toying with men’s emotions. Which is needed to be extra careful? You can link back to my initial point above.

Text Chemistry Program

So it’s important to wield this knowledge carefully, because any positive results that you get from this program may be undone if your partner feels like he has acted.

Digital product

You can purchase this program just only. Without entrance to the internet, you may not suitable to buy this product. If you don’t have any difficulties with the internet, I highly recommend this product.

Why Buy Amy North Text Chemistry Program? 

There are numbers of great reasons to purchase this program, such as:

  • Increase your Chances of Finding Love: If you are willing to settle down and find someone to love, this guide can drastically enhance your chances of doing so.
  • Wonderful Deal: There are numbers of “Love guides” available, but this one is relatively cheap.
  • Bonus materials: When you buy this program you will get multiple bonus materials.
  • Become a social butterfly: This program can assist even the shyest of women to come out of their cases.

Downsides of Text Chemistry Program

There aren’t numerous downsides to purchasing this program, though it can be quite a problem for women who are extremely socially stunted. Our Amy North Text Chemistry Review will also show you about downsides of the program.

Why Men Leave

Where to Buy

You can buy the full-Text Chemistry program on our official site for just under $50. This program comes with a complete money-back guarantee, and you will get the Phone Game e-book, Why Men Leave e-book, Tinder Success Secrets e-book, and various bonus materials.

Once you have succeeded in your payment, your order will be shipped out instantly. This is an exceptional deal for the price because of the sheer amount of valuable knowledge you will get.

There aren’t numerous other guides like this one on the internet that are ready at such a cheap price.

Buy Now

Amy North Text Chemistry Review – Overall Conclusion

This is really a helpful guide to getting a man, and its something that every woman should have. Even if you just want to get knowledge about the men, to be set for your future.

With this plan as your guide, you can light up the darkness that encircles so many relationships. Don’t let yourself remain to follow the same broken relationship guides.

Empty your glass, try to follow this guide, it could increase your life. Overall you deserve a happy, long-lasting relationship.