Bobby Rio Magnetic Messaging Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Magnetic Messeging review

Here, We are going to guide you about Bobby Rio Magnetic Messaging Review – Is it a Scam or Legit? Which will be very helpful to buy this product.

Magnetic Messaging Review

Are your thumbs letting you down?

Magnetic Messaging ReviewSo…you meet a cute girl, make her laugh, maybe even kiss her and at the end of the night, you walk away with her number.

But when you text her the next day she doesn’t reply. What went wrong?

Whether she’s not responding to your first text, going cold after you propose a meetup or suddenly vanishing after you’ve been texting for days, when your thumbs slip up, girls get repelled.

Magnetic Messaging is a guide that could not just stop you from pushing girls away, but start pulling them in.

Sound interesting? Then keep reading to discover Magnetic Messaging trialed and texted in this thumbs on review.

Magnetic Messaging by Bobby Rio and Rob Judge

Magnetic Messaging teaches you the art of attractive communication on the phone.

The guide appealed to me because I heard it was chock full of tips and example texts I could mirror to instantly improve my phone game.

The eBook is a collaboration between Bobby Rio (a dating coach) and Rob Judge whose experience comes from over 2 years of raw guinea pig tested phone game.

So, let’s dive in and break Magnetic Messaging down part by part…

Part 1 – The Principles of Phone Game

Bobby and Rob explain that the phone game has made dating a three-part process: initial meeting, phone game, and the date.

The phone game is where most guys go terribly wrong.

If you want more dates you simply have to improve it by understanding what attractive communication is and how to implement it.The Principles of Phone Game

They use the analogy of a pizza to break down the 3 ingredients to solid phone game – sparking emotion, making connections & handling logistics. Also note the wrong ingredients – asking questions, acting polite, making small talk, offering explanations, etc.

Throughout the book, Bobby & Rob urge you not to let your desire to just say what you want to divert you off course.

Most guys make the mistake of not sparking emotions, being humorless and not flirtatious, so Magnetic Messaging gives you the tools to be so different and exciting that girls will stop everything else going on in their day to text you back.

Part 2: First Phase – You Want to Date Her

I was happy to see Bobby & Rob debunk the 3-day rule for waiting to get in contact since we discovered most girls prefer to be contacted within 2 days when Dating Metrics asked 100 women when they want a guy to first get in touch.

Bobby and Rob also suggest you should avoid sending more than 2 texts without proposing a meetup.

A little controversial, yes, since this rule is difficult to apply all the time, especially if you haven’t sparked enough emotion, but the vital thing it ingrains in you is that you should always look to set up a date ASAP. Nice stuff guys.

Oh and if she does reply with a “who is this” text, Magnetic Messaging reveals an ingenious way to salvage the situation in a fun and relaxed way.

You’ll be truly surprised by how soon they propose you go for the meetup.

I was also shocked to see what triggers them into handling logistics and can’t believe how many opportunities I’ve missed from not pulling the trigger sooner.

The Key-Lock Sequence

Later we’re introduced to “The Key-Lock Sequence”. This reveals the three text sequence to getting a date, plus how to avoid becoming her text buddy. If you have a habit of falling into the friend zone then you won’t want to miss this section. In a nutshell, to get a date you must:The Key-Lock Sequence

  1. Spark emotions
  2. Make connections
  3. Handle logistics

These 3 ingredients are a running theme throughout the book.

What if she doesn’t respond to your texts? Magnetic Messaging tells you exactly how to salvage each unique situation.

Low Interest Girls

When dealing with low interest girls Bobby and Rob stand by remaining persistent and playful.

This does NOT mean needy, but adhering to the golden rule of not giving a sh*t if she doesn’t reply.

In fact, Rob shows you how you can change a girl’s feelings about the first date from disinterested to damn right excited about it.

He does this with a killer example of an edgy text that gets girls to reply back after 2 weeks of no communication and makes dealing with unresponsive girls looks like a walk in the park.Low Interest Girls

It’s the text-for-text examples that make the book’s teachings so easy to pick up, because at any point where you’re like what the f*ck, how the hell do I do that?!, it’s almost like Bobby and Rob have second-guessed you and have an example to show you exactly how to put their teachings into practice.

Ever met a girl who was all over you when she met you but then never texted back after you got in touch to try and arrange a date?

Apparently a lot of girls see guys they have a brief encounter within a club as hot man candy, and even if they exchange numbers, have little or no intention of seeing you again.

Even if this is the case, Bobby and Rob have a simple solution to make her want more from you.

They use a case study you can pretty much copy word for word to get a girl like this out on a date. This was my favorite tactic in the book which I wish I’d got my hands on sooner.

When it comes to overcoming the common excuses girls make not to see you, Bobby and Rob have got you covered. Excuses like: “I’m sick”, “I work too late”, “I’m tired” are easy to dismantle using their next level techniques.

Part 3: looks at the “you’re sort of dating her” phase.

When you’re variety of dating her Bobby and Rob recommend you manage something a little separately.

The time should be towards making her seem more good about you with less center on logistics and more on developing a connection. You can talk more over text, phone and increase compatibility.

A scary thought we’ve all met is avoiding embarrassment when you meet for a first date. Magnetic Messaging explains some useful suggestions to make sure you’re noticed when you join her on the first date and it doesn’t end up like a job meeting.

The “confirmation text” models prove how to spark her excitement so she’s relaxed and delighted when she goes there.

Texting After Sex

When it gets to texting her after you’ve relaxed with her for the first time, they explain the shocking revelations of what guys do damage and share some top tips on how to make her super easy and create account after the first time you shag to make her think you don’t just want her for sex.

Other chapters in this part carry bantering and honoring her the right way without seeming like an ass kisser, how to build anticipation with teasers that make her desire to know you more and how to be entertaining without being a clown. They also feel lightly on what to say over the phone and how becoming a story to talk about transfers awkwardness.

You’ll get to see precisely how to do this with a related case study that tells you how to hit all the right buttons.

Part 4: You’re Dating Her

In the 4th and final part of the book you’ll learn how to sprinkle on more humour, extend your bantering, and even how to get her sexually aroused with sexting.

Although there’s a lot of general relationship advice in this section, there are some real juicy parts, especially about how to begin sexting

Bobby and Rob explain you how to spot texting ideas that’ll let you set a provocative context, how to spot something you can mistake to make the discussion more flirty and how to make inside fun with typos.

You’ll understand the significance of differentiating yourself with a texting fashion with Rob Judge’s models of how he places a fingerprint on every text he gives, e.g. alternatively of “haha” or “lol” you say “hardy harharhar”.

Then comes the enjoyable part:Magnetic Messaging

How to Begin Sexting

I can’t give too much away here because I don’t want to spoil the fun, but Rob does an excellent job at teaching you how to initiate sexting organically and even explains how to get a girl to say yes to having a threesome.

Like girls sending you dirty pics? The right way to ask won’t cause offensive and create a natural move towards escalating further.

Magnetic Messaging Review – Positive and Negative Aspects:


  • My ideal thing about Magnetic Messaging Review is the texting situation studies. The best method to learn anything is getting from model and the case studies make it simple to see precisely how to put the books’ instructions into practice
  • Almost every potential texting position is covered, e.g. if a girl doesn’t respond, keeps making reasons or even hasn’t text you for months, Bobby and Rob have a clarification
  • The book is very simple to read and often entertaining. Its education can be utilized instantly at any step of your contact with a girl
  • Very good at creating sure you don’t move into bad manners and stick to the matter by being witty, happy and charming
  • The premium material: “99 Best Texts of All Time” is an excellent addition you can immediately relate to anytime you’re trying for text opinions (you can even download it onto your phone)


  • Part 3 is comparatively thin in content, with a lot of conventional relationship information, however, the outcome is best recognized for managing with the more significant part of phone game: making dates, so we can provide less content in the managing a relationship segment.
  • Some sections of the book aren’t well established. It doesn’t make sense why advice for making a good opinion on the first date is later on in the book when you’re already discussing her
  • I would have liked to see more examples in the sexting chapter, however, this book is mainly about arranging real face to face interactions, so this is water off a duck’s back.

Is Magnetic Messaging Value for Money?

For the wealth of tips and techniques this product gives you, I think Magnetic Messaging Review is well worth the reduced price tag of $47. As well as the eBook, Bobby collects in a treasure trove of bonus stock including “The 99 Best Texts of All Time” which is a PDF you can download to your phone. This is a lifesaver whenever you’re stuck for words.

Other bonus material includes video training you mustn’t miss on how to make a girl infatuated with you and a story on the 12 best conference topics.Purchase Programme

Magnetic Messaging Review – Summary

Magnetic Messaging is a result you’ll want to regularly dip into at every time you text a girl who’s relevant to you.

It will guide you through every step towards getting a date, achieving a sour relationship and even sexting.

I’ve bought quite several eBooks in history, all of which don’t get used approximately as much as this one for the single reason that it’s practical and it goes.

It’s moderately simple really. If your phone game absorbs and you want the material you can use directly to get a date or rekindle a girl’s investment in you, Magnetic Messaging is a must-have.

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